For a client, I’m working on a visitor registration system. This system has the option to insert future appointments into the system and send the visitor a confirmation by e-mail containing the employee name that the visitor has an appointment with.

With everyone reading most of their e-mail messages on a smartphone these days, I thought it might be nice to send contact data along with the confirmation in a way that the receiver can easily use on any device.

Particularly suitable for this is a vCard (.vcf file), which is a standard for exchanging contact data and is supported by almost all operating systems and e-mail clients.

Because the visitor registration system did not support vCards, I decided to build a library that can be used to create vCards, so that the system can generate Vcards and attach them to the visitor confirmation e-mails.

If you want to use this generator in your own code, download it from GitHub or install it using Composer.


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